Shakti Film Review

If you’ve seen this little hot number with SRK and Aishwarya Rai… 


Then you probably thought: “Oooo, this looks hot, another rare film with Shahrukh and Aishwarya without a Devdas mood? Why didn’t I know about this?” Truth is, that’s what we thought this film would be like back in December, and then last week this little title rolled in and we gave it a go, knowing that Aishwarya was only a Item Girl for the film (Confused about Item Girls?), and got ourselves in for a whole new world of trouble.

SHAK1The film stars: Karishma Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Sanjay Kapoor, Deepti Naval and Shahrukh Khan.

Shakti (The Power) – 2 Disc Set


Nandini (Karishma) is a Canadian Indian. Her parents died when she was a child, and she was left to her two Sheikh uncles. She eventually gets married to a classmate (Sanjay Kapoor) and gives birth to her son, Raja. Years pass and something happens. Nandini’s two uncles have to fly out to LA to loan someone money. In the meanwhile, her husband–Shekhar’s family is living in an area in India reported to have been hit by bombs. In a state of panic, Shekhar packs up some hard cash, and doesn’t tell his wife a thing–he plans to see his family in India–Nandini, won’t stay silent, instead she insists on going with him, wherever he was going. So the two and their small (3-4 year old child) head out to Bihar to meet Shekhar’s mysterious family. Shrieks abound when Shekhar’s father forces the new couple to step over a dead goat’s body, and involve themselves in violence, bombings, and killings.


Revenge and status are key elements of Shakti.

Raj in Shakti, Kidnapping in bollywood

Raj, Nandini’s Child, screaming as he gets kidnapped.

Our rating: 6/10

Enjoyability: 2/10


This film was really convincing, and engrossing. The characters had their roles spot on, but the film wasn’t very enjoyable. Shahrukh appears as a silver lining, and attempts to break the characters from their distress, but then ends up as a scapegoat.


On the bright side, the music is good.


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