Lagaan Review

Lagaan is a Indian film from 2001, set in a small village in India, and stars, Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley, and Paul Blackthorne.


The film begins with a problem: An Indian province is suffering from drought. It hasn’t rained in years, villagers are starving, and the British are thirsty for their Lagaan (taxes paid in agriculture products).  A young village girl, wants Bhuvan to marry her, but he hasn’t popped the question, so she wonders if she has to do all the work herself. In the meantime, Bhuvan gets in trouble with the British, when he angers an officer, named Andrew, in charge of the area. Andrew decides to make the villagers pay by forcing the Raja to up the lagaan for the year. Bhuvan, furious when he finds out the Lagaan would kill the villager if they were to actually go through with it, challenges the British, and tells them the tax is impossible to pay. Andrew takes that challenge, and decides to wager everything on a game of cricket, if the villagers lost they would have to pay three times the Lagaan for three years, if they won, the British would not require Lagaan for three years, and would leave their village post.



Bhuvan was up for the challenge, but the villagers knew nothing about cricket…until Elizabeth came along and broke down racial barriers, got a little to close to a native, and had her own story to tell.


Our rating: 4/10


I am giving this a low rating because the film was just so long and there were too many unnecessary scenes. Most of the film was about playing cricket, and it seemed like we were actually watching a two day cricket match at the end. I feel the plot wasn’t fleshed out enough, and the scenes were too tedious in parts.

Overall, the idea of the film was great, could have been edited a bit better, but definitely an okay film to play in the background.


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