Pyaar Impossible Review (2010)

Pyaar Impossible
is a Bollywood film from 2010 and stars Priyanka Chopra, and Uday Chopra in leading positions.

priyanka in pyaar impossible

The film starts out on a college campus in Calfornia. Froggy (Uday) appears as a geeky, smart student who falls in love with the unattainable campus beaut, Priti (Priyanka Chopra). He realizes how strong his love is when he sees her fall off a bridge. His little heart skips a beat and he hopes she will pay attention to him after becoming her lifesaver. But things don’t turn out the way Froggy had hoped, Priti’s father soon pulls her out of college, never to be seen or heard from by Froggy again.

froggy just stares at priti

Fast forward five years later? Froggy is a Developer on a trip to Singapore in hopes to close a deal on what would be the biggest opportunity of his career: selling his software for big bucks. Trouble gets a brewin’ and someone slimy gets their hands on Froggy’s software!


Froggy (Uday Chopra)  spying on priyanka's character priti in pyaar impossiblepreti in pyaar impossible prinyaka towel photo

Froggy tries to get it back, but is sidetracked when he sees the lovely Priti working with the man who stole from him!

Will they find love in the Asian Pacific?



Check out Pyaar Impossible
to find out!

Our Rating: 7.4/10

As a Bollywood film watcher, I must admit, I really enjoy Uday Chopra’s films. He’s only done a little more than a handful, but in all of them he somehow expresses a certain spark unlike (other Bollywood actors–he is down to earth, funny and likable.) This is one of the films definitely on my must watch list. It was credited as a flop when it came out, but thanks to that I got to see it just a few months later on Netflix Instant. It’s a great film, heartwarming, and has great songs. It’s one of those rare Hindi films suitable for the whole family while still being entertaining. Priyanka and Uday do a great job acting their characters. Priyanka’s roles kind of gave a tip back to some of her big mid 2000s roles, classic babe, with a tough attitude, but Uday did a great job kind of moving the audience away from focusing on just her and rather on the story.

Big props, give it a watch for sure!
Pyaar Impossible [Blu-ray]


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