My Name is Khan Review (2010)

Risvan Khan was born a special Indian. The thing about him was, he was a little bit different from everyone else.

My Name is Khan stars Shah Ruhk Khan, Kajol, and Jimmy Shergil. The film is set in India, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and the state of Georgia.
My Name Is Khan [Blu-Ray] Region Free (Bollywood Hindi Film DVD)


The film begins introducing Risvan (Shahrukh) as a character with a special disability. Risvan suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, while living with his mother and brother, he gets bullied, and learns an important lesson in the process.


Fast forward a few years, Risvan’s brother moves to the US, and eventually asks Risvan to come and stay with him in San Francisco, there he finds a special woman and falls in love, but she’s Hindu and has a child, while he’s a Muslim. Mix in a little racial prejudice  and you have My Name Is Khan, a unique and refreshing film.


Check out My Name is Khan to see what happens!

Our Rating 9.5/10


As an American, I felt a little offended that the characters playing Americans could be such shallow oafs, but regardless, the message in the story was quite strong and interesting. Usually I shy away from dramatic films, but this one is worth the watch, there’s romance, great musical scenes and more!

Give it a watch! Highly recommended.

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