Amitabh Bachchan reports news faster to twitter than US news outlets.

I just signed onto twitter for the first time and months and saw a tweet from Amitabh Bachchan:

T 827 – Prayers for those affected at Sikh Temple shooting .. Indian Embassy official rushing to site ..


First I was confused, and I wondered where the shooting had occured. First is struck me that it had to have been in a small country somewhere that had some riff’s with the Sikh community in the area. I hadn’t seen any other tweets in my feed about this so I went and saw SrBachchan’s other tweets and found out something very shocking.

T 827 -What is happening in US ..? another shooting of innocents..!! And inside a temple, a Gurdwara .. !! Pained and shocked beyond words

After a quick google search I found out that the shooting had occurred in Wisconsin, just south of Milwaukee. Which is not too far from me. I’ve been to nearby Chicago and explored little India and other neighborhoods quite intimately and got a feel for the nearby community, its a interesting place really, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs (and others) live all in close proximity on West Devon street, and somehow made for themselves, despite their religious difference, a place of peace and community. But now, what is happening? Apparently a white shooter was on the scene and apprehended (and perhaps with other shooters still on the scene), but the shooter somehow got into the Sikh temple and spread gunfire.

This isn’t normal, it isn’t good.

After seeing My Name is Khan, one could expect this to happen right after the 9-11 attack (since the film led on to believe there was a lot of strife between people of  Middle-Eastern/West Asian decent and others.

But, people should be smarter now, they should know that Sikhs have a history of their own, and of course being in Wisconsin just wanted to live their lives peacefully (right?).

What happened today at the Sikh temple is terrible, and with the looming affect of the recent movie theater shooting in the states, people are starting to wonder if places are safe anymore.

The whole thing is just too sketchy, why would anyone go and spread hate to a place of worship?

I wish only the best for the families affected and those at the temple right now, and pray that any wrong doing can be put  to its rightful place.

Abc’s report

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  • share market August 21, 2012, 7:59 am

    Sikh always face such problems in  US.