Desi Boyz (2011) Film Review

There’s just something about this film that made us think it was a different sort of film.

We weren’t expecting what happened here.

The Film: Desi Boyz, is a Hindi Language, Bollywood Genre film that was released and marketed as a BOOM-BLOCKBUSTER-ENDOFYEAR-COMEDY film.

Unfortunately, there team here at Totally Bollywood couldn’t make it in time to the local theater showing, to catch it firsthand, so this review comes to you months later.

King of comedy: Akshay Kumar stars alongside Bodybuilder John Abraham in this film. Akshay plays “Jignesh” or as he named himself upon first moving to London, “Jerry”. John Abraham plays “Nick”.   The two share a London loft, Jerry works as a mall cop, and Nick is a rich Investment Banker.

But not all is well in London, its 20 09 and the economy gets itself into a slump. Companies have to make cutbacks in order to make up for losses.

Jerry gets fired, and Nick gets a bonus-and buys his girlfriend a engagement ring. That night he pops the question, Radhika (Deepika Padukone) accepts.

But the next day, Nick gets fired, and can’t possibly tell his rich fiance that the life of luxury that she’s dreaming about just isn’t going to happen. So he lies.

deepika padukone desi boyz

After months of job searching, the two receive a business card and a job proposal from the owner ( Sanjay Dutt ) of a  business called “Desi Boyz”, and soon learn that its not the type of place that they were expecting.

Chitrangda Singh and Anupam Kher star alongside Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.


Our Rating:  7.5/10

This film taught us here at Totally Bollywood a lot, like that prostitution is legal in the UK (who knew?). And we were disturbed, but then the film kicked back on track. And got better.

It’s kind of like Housefull, but not really, this film a comedy set in London, that touches on mistakes, and the importance of second chances.

The music is incredible for the film, and is a must hear–even if you don’t see the film.

If you want a heavy-moraled, but light bollywood film, this is your go-to, Deepika looks really cute in this film, and Chitrangda really shines in her role. If you see it, be sure to comment on what you think of Rocco and Hunters’ customers… do people who want escorts really act like that?





There aren’t any escorts here, but maybe something better:


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