Tashan Film Review

Tashan is a Hindi language Bollywood genre film from 2008 about action, betrayal, trust and revenge in sorts. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor.

The film begins with Jimmy Cliff (Khan) : A call center worker and ESL teacher.

One day he sees his ‘special woman’ getting drenched in a monsoon outside his english class, and calls her inside. She tells him that she came to meet him, Jimmy gets excited and follows her request for private english tutoring, but later he discovers he must teach her boss, not her.
From there Jimmy gets tangled up into the underworld after learning that Bhaiyaji, (Anil Kapoor) whom he had been teaching English was really a Killing Don (Smuggler). Pooja (Kareena Kapoor) tells Jimmy that she needs to repay her father’s debt to Bhaiyaji and the amount her father had owed was far too much for her to pay on her own. So the two go out and steal Bhaiyaji’s money, and get caught and patrolled by Bachchan Pande (Kumar), but the story goes on from there.

Our Rating: 8/10
Tashan is an action adventure film with a bit of gory-gory action slipped in. The film’s plot is interesting, and unexpected with good characters that work both together and against each other. The film is good for a evening watch at home on a dull night. I think the funnest part of the film was when Jimmy, Pooja and Bachchan gunned a Hollywood director into including them in his film’s dance scene. The three end up going blue eyed and blonde to escape the cops.

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  • Sunai February 18, 2012, 12:19 am

    oh wow they take the pic when she isn’t ready and peolpe write bad words about her BEBO (Kareen Kapoor) is perfect without make and with make up!